Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now & Then

After a snowfall last night, our backyard trellis is a sight to behold. I love the serenity that winter brings. You would never know that six months ago this trellis (that JV built by himself, well, I helped a little!) looked like this ....

Nature blessed us with 4 beautiful and distinct seasons that charm our artistic minds & stir our souls. Praise to the Greatest Landscaper above!



  1. Hello Mei Ann. What a difference a season makes. Lucky you to be witness to such. Your blog looks good...better than mine actually. Hope to visit here often.

  2. hi mei ann. love your blog.;o) my brother's family is also there in ontario. ;o) is it ok to ask where do you get your scrap supplies? will prod him to buy for me. hehehe

  3. Very beautiful pictures! Your DH and mine... they both like to build things around the house.


Thank you for your sweet words.

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