Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hats Off


In 2005, my husband and I decided to celebrate New Year's Eve out of town. With a $ value in mind, I turned to god ol' Google for an overnight stay at a 3-star hotel with dinner/show. Lo and behold.... I found something like $60/person (what a steal!!!). We drove for 2 hours from our place to the countryside.

So far so good ... the hotel room was pretty, the steak dinner was sumptuous (I can still remember how tasty the Yorkshire pudding was) and the stand up comedy show was hilarious. The only thing was that, except for me and my hubby, all the people in the room were LOLOs (grand dads) and LOLAs (grand moms)!!! Yes it was a gig for 60 years and older!!!! They gave HATS for us to wear and grooved the night away to Broadway music. Oh, we had so much fun!

Ever since, it became our tradition to wear these hats on New Year's Eve and reminisce what turned out to be a beautiful mistake.

Hats Off to our elders..... You ROCK!

P.S. I submitted this layout to KAYA challenge, a scrapbooking blog hosted by a group of very talented Filipinas. Please check it out. I am a Pinay ... and proud to be one!

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  1. Great stuff Mei Ann! And YES! I'm the 1st one to comment. Next time do tell me if good ol' google will tell you about the $60 overnight stay with dinner and show. Pls. post pictures of your personal/greeting cards, Pam :)


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