Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm down with fever but I refuse to surrender the last drop of energy left in my tired voluptuous {also known as borderline fat} being! I went to work as usual but have to go home around 1PM when the fever hit shivering stage. Shucks! I hate being sick!

In between sneezing, runny nose and chugging orange juice, I worked on this LO of my 2 beloved nephews, Adriel and Adriann {my sister's boys}. They sent this picture to their favorite 'tita' {that's me} which was taken during one of their summer trips to Baguio City. Of course, the trip to the city of pines is not complete without the horse back ride at Wright Park.

I want something BLUE, so I used Fancy Pants Designs {daily grind cards} pattern paper for the background, Forever in Time alpha stickers and made my own cowboy outfit to match the boots that I have on my stash. I also stamped the bird and vines for boarders using Inkadinkado mini clear stamps.

Howdy ya like it?!!!


  1. Oh Im loving this LO dear!How did you doodle on the hills?Thats the one Im dying to learn.And the cowboy completes the fun! Clever girl!

  2. thanks for dropping by my blog. this is really cute.

  3. hello mei ann :) thanks so much for the visit.

    one tip i learned on how to end up with a moist cake is in the mixing of your batter. make sure not to overbeat when you are incorporating your dry and wet ingredients. ina garten's recipe is so easy to follow because you don't have the creaming of butter and sugar stage, you basically dump all ingredients together until blended. and since i use a hand mixer, i can control the mixing better and i usually prefer hand mixing first before i run the batter through my hand mixer. i would so recommend ina garten's recipe. it's so yummy. :) {just a side note: i am not an expert baker ha, i just learned through experience and a lot of reading/asking hihihi. marami na rin akong pinalpak na cakes and cookies lalo na yung first ever crinkles ko}

    thanks and i hope this tip helps. :) happy baking.

  4. hi sister nice LO of my two boys they look like an angel(how i wish they are).hope you'll make a LO for me too.(naiingit ba)

  5. Hi Mei Ann,

    Are you kidding? I didn't just like reading your stories. I loved every bit of it. Enjoyed following your blog, the beautiful cards and ideas.Very inspiring. You are one creative, sensitive, practical, down to earth, very sweet and romantic lady. And yet SIMPLY MEI ANN. I have fond memories of our overnight stay in your homely place. I didn't find the mini shampoos and lotion back then. lol. I have a collection of them, too.Good suggestion on what to do with them ;-) Take care and regards to you and JV.


Thank you for your sweet words.

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