Monday, March 9, 2009

One Man's Trash Is Our Treasure

I'm still weak to report for work today or do anything productive. I don't want to stay in bed either so I just spent most of the day in my craft studio for some serious reading.

When hubby and I decided to make this room as "our niche", we divided it into 3 sections: our books on one side of the wall, my card/stamp area facing the middle wall, and my scrapbook/sewing area on one side facing the window.

Lately, I'm spending a lot of spare time on the card/stamp area like today. As I'm sitting here, I realized that most of the things in this part of the room are "treasures" from garage sales and thrift stores!!!

We got this unwanted solid table from the sidewalk of a local thrift store for almost nothing. Like a pumpkin transforming into a beautiful carriage, this unwanted table turned into a useful and sturdy working area for my stamping projects. That was after scrubbing it with half a canister of Pledge furniture polishing cream! This coming July when it's hot and sunny, we will paint it to match the rest of the furnitures in the room.

This old spice rack came from one of our garage sale expeditions. For it's second life, it is now a happy home for my little ink pads!

It was love at first sight with Monsieur Owl when I saw him on a shelf at a Salvation Army store. He was so lonely and aloof. Brought him home and gave him a new look with these Memorial Day Poppy Flowers! Now he's happy and proud looking after me and my husband as I work late at night making these cards....

while JV relaxes on his favorite corner of the craft studio playing with either his laptop or his camera.

Truly, one man's trash is our treasure ... no make that treasures!


  1. love all those "newfound" treasures of yours! I don't really mind being the nth owner of anything! so long as I can see its potential in my own domain. gaganda talaga.

    at lalong maganda ang mga cards mo! I {heart} your creativity :)


  2. great finds. specially love how you re-purposed the spice rack. and ang cute ni Mr. Owl. :-)

  3. Don't you love those trash that we turns to treasure? I love making something out of what they called nothing...

    Turn trash into gold? That's a major creativity challenge? Love what you did with the old spice rack. And those cards on the wall are treasure...

  4. hello mei ann :)

    i love that idea of hanging your cards. it must really feel good seeing your accomplishments staring at you. nakaka inspire pa lalo noh.

    i love your 'niche' :)

  5. wowsers!!!! that totally does not look like trash! you made it magnificent! :)

    i love finding deals just like that! can't wait to see more treasures that you find!



Thank you for your sweet words.

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