Monday, May 17, 2010

Cyrus, Sarees and More

Last Saturday, our godson Cyrus was baptized into the Christian world. Hubby and I were so excited not only because this is the very first time that both of us will be godparents here in Canada but more so because Cyrus' parents, Percy and Madonna are really like second family already. The sacrament kinda seal the deal!!!

Percy and Madonna were originally from India and like us, they came here in Canada by themselves with no immediate family to share the ups and downs of migrating in a foreign land. In honor of their rich Indian culture, JV and I wore the traditional saree and kurta. The vibrant colors, the gold accessories and the soft silk made us feel like royalty!!!!

Another common ground that bonded us even more is our strong Catholic faith plus our love for music. We all sing in our church choir every Sunday. That said, the party after the ceremony was filled with music, dancing and yes, lots of spicy and tasty Indian cuisine!

Madonna and I on the dance floor ... bollywood anyone?

Baby Cyrus with Ninong JV and Ninang Mei Ann

The D'Souzas and the Guerreros

JV and I have been blessed here in our adopted homeland. The friendship shared with this wonderful family is certainly on top of our list!

To our godson Cyrus, may you grow full of wisdom and faith like your mama and papa.


JV and Mei Ann

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