Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Different Kind of Guest Book

Every time I design a layout, I am almost always inspired by the photo that I need to scrap. The pattern paper colors, embellishments and other details must highlight the photo/s at hand. So when I sat down with dear friend of mine to discuss the guest book {scrapbook style} for my godson's baptism this coming Saturday, I was challenged by the task at hand.

THE TASK: Make a layout for each family {33 families in total!!!}. The layout must have a place for a photo {of course!} and a space for the guest to write their message for my godson Cyrus. Quite simple {except for the number of pages that I need to work on :-)} right? But here's THE CHALLENGE: there's no photo to start with!!! The pictures that we want to put on the layouts will be taken on the day itself so that each family will have baby Cyrus with them when the picture is taken!!! But the pages has to be ready for the guest to write on!!! Now, this is what I call a blind layout design! I finished 22 already and I have 2 more nights to complete the task.

Here are some of them ....

More kids' stuff to come!

Mei Ann

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