Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If Elmo can SPEAK

WARNING: {Cute} Photo loaded post.

Meet our beloved Elmo -  my best friend's dog who stays with us every time Tey and her family can't bring him along to their out of town trips just like this past long weekend. We could not have enough of him every time he's at home ... here's a typical afternoon with Elmo...in is own words {if only he can talk}...

"What? Nap time is over? It's only 4PM!"

"Don't take my photo. I'm not yet ready!"

After ignoring us for quite sometime....
"Can we play now?" I'm ready!


"I love this game!"

"Thanks, I had fun! Can I kiss you now?"

Until next time Elmo. I hope you had fun here at home as much as we enjoy having you around.

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