Tuesday, February 7, 2012


For some reason, this song has been playing in my mind for a couple of days now. I made an accounting of my life's very recent and current events {which are mainly deadlines, meetings and project implementation}- they were/are not even close to the romantic message of this song that will make me sing it over and over.

If you're not afraid
Of what love brings
Then endings are beginnings
Are beautiful things
Its a chance you'll take 
It's a chance you'll win
If someone gonna find you
First you gotta let them in
If you're not afraid 
Of what you feel
Then try and keep it simple
Or try and keep it real
And if being real means 
You'll some day say goodbye
Remember my friend
Goodbyes not the end
Its a circle you'll learn
And it starts with one hello

 I always say, "when in doubt, indulge" SO i made it as an an inspiration for this card I made for Cool Tools Challenge {Punches} over at Moxie Fab World

"Remember my friend, goodbyes are not the end. 
Its a CIRCLE you'll learn and is starts with one HELLO."

Mei Ann

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