Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bites and Nibbles @ Taste Ramen + Fusion

When we were in Ottawa some weeks ago, it was cloudy and bone-chilling cold. I wanted to stay inside the hotel and swim but when hubby said we can walk outside then have some hot soup for lunch. Who can argue with that?
Bundled like a pair of Eskimos, we walked along Bank Street and found this restaurant with Ramen on its name so we gave it a try.


The place was not big {just comfy} and was still empty when we arrive but  was full after 20 minutes with clientele from office buildings on Bank Street. 

Between the takoyaki (octopus balls) and gyoza that we shared for  appetizers, I enjoyed the latter (gyoza was crispy and the filling was delicious}.  I have been eating takoyaki since I was in my teens. I even know how to make them. Normally, takoyaki  are grilled in a special cast iron molded pan. But here, it has too much oil and it tasted like they were deep fried than grilled.

Now for the ramen - we decided to order 2 different kinds - seafood spicy ramen  for  my hubby and BBQ pork for me. Servings were generous and the soup on both bowls were hot {perfect for a cold day!}.  As for the taste, let's just say that I will not order the BBQ pork again. It was bland and oily. The redeeming factor was the spicy seafood ramen - both hubby and I loved it - very tasty and just enough spiciness to crave for more.

  Taste Ramen + Fusion
197 Bank Street Ottawa Ontario

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