Saturday, December 7, 2013

Painting the Town RED

At around 5 PM last Saturday, I was in my craft studio working on a paper project when I heard my hubby downstairs calling me and telling me to grab the camera and hurry up. In this house, capturing the moment is a BIG thing so I know I am in for a treat. I run excitedly towards the porch and this was the first thing I saw ...

My jaw dropped and the first thing that came to mind was there was a big fire down the street and flames were causing the red clouds. But there was no smoke. Then I heard my hubby who was now standing beside me said ...."isn't it beautiful"! We walked near the pond at the end of our street for a better view of the sky.

The temperature was below zero but I hardly noticed the cold air. We just stood there gazing at heaven in its crimson splendor. It was flaming red for a good 3 minutes until it gave way to a paler shade of magenta and the blue tinge of night started to claim its domain.


These captured moments truly painted the town RED!

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  1. Just beautiful sky! and love the geese flyingover right on time to make a perfect sillouette! Doesn't God give us some beautiful skies to brighten our days!

  2. What great, colorful and creative shots ~ thanks to you and your hubby ~ carol, xxx

  3. These are utterly breath-taking photos! How wonderful to see such artwork from God! Hats off to Hubby for bringing it to your attention!

  4. Rapturous shots! Have a wonder filled weekend♪


Thank you for your sweet words.

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