Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily {Day 3}

[calm]  serenity; tranquility; peace; undisturbed

[bright] glorious; splendid; shining

All is calm, all is bright! After the day's work, we went to our usual twice a month Library Date at the Whitby Public Library followed by a simple {not-so-healthy-but-oh-my-so-good} dinner at my hubby's favorite local place serving Kuhchia {Hakka} Cuisine.
In these days of iPads, Kobo, Kindle, Bookeen. etc., both hubby and I still find pleasure in reading real books and magazine. Don't get me wrong, we love new technologies but when it comes to books and magazines, there nothing compares to the joy of holding and smelling the pages of a real book in our hands. We will hold on to this Library Date until we are old and grey - until there are still real books lined on book cases. We hope and pray that libraries will not be one of the casualties of modern era.
Surrounded by books and letters, ALL IS CALM, ALL IS BRIGHT!

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