Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Tradition

When we were growing up, Mama and my late Papa made Christmas so happy and memorable for me and my sister. That said, I love Christmas - its significance and all the trimmings! On the other hand, the Feast of The Three Wise Men marks the end of the Christmas season making it my least favorite Christian celebration.

That was until yesterday.

While attending the Mass of the Epiphany, a message was revealed to me through our Assistant Pastor's homily. He shared that the spirit and celebration of Christmas should not end on the Feast of the Three Kings. Rather, it should be the beginning of another journey towards the next Christmas. As we take the journey, we are told to imitate the determination of the 3 wise men. There will be bumps along the way but remember the STAR is shinning so brightly guiding us to reach our destination!

Today, Dec 6, hubby and I decided to start a new tradition - every Feast of The Three Kings, we will give each other an inexpensive present to celebrate the beginning of our journey. The gifts will be displayed at home throughout the year to serve as reminders of what we are anticipating.

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