Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week Two and Three

I am hooked! Project Life is an excellent way for me to digress from the demands of corporate rat race. I just finished weeks 2 and 3, now I can't wait to start week 4. There are so many options to do this project which makes it more interesting. There's no right or wrong. Its definitely an avenue to exercise your creativity without spending too much time.   

For week two, I wanted to highlight a beautiful photo of the dense fog along the entrance of an apple farm near our place. My hubby was driving the car when we noticed the beautiful scenery so we turned back and he drove really slow until I was satisfied with my photo {captured here}.

For my journal, I used a thick piece of lined paper  I got from a hotel conference room and cut it to fill a 4x3 pocket on the page. I attached a snow-shaped button to match the theme of the week.

For week three, I continued on with the black and white photos at least for the first half of the page and started introducing bold colors on the 2nd half to pave the way for memories captured during my  business trip to sunny San Francisco.

I am also jotting down event notes, places and even dates directly on the photos before printing. This is helpful if I want to put more pictures than fillers on the page.

Parapapapap .... I am loving this!

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