Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year - A New Chapter

Hello 2014!

After almost 2 weeks in sunny San Francisco, hubby and I are back in Canada. Although we missed the peak of the big ice storm that happened days before Christmas, we came home to a frigid -20C and piles of snow everywhere - we are truly home where another chapter of our adventure {called life} is waiting to be written. There will be great places to visit, beautiful scenes to be photographed, great conversations to be had with family and friends,  recipes to discover, professional and personal goals {yes including the battle with the bulges} to accomplish ... and the list goes on.

As we fill the pages with stories of our lives, there's no guarantee that everything will be bliss. We can only pray that God will guide us in making the right choices. That every choice will make us closer to be the kind of persons we He wishes us to be. If we stumble down the road, may He give us the strength to rise above our failures.

We look forward to living this new chapter with  grateful hearts and invigorated spirits! 

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