Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bites and Nibbles @ Owl of Minerva

A lot of things have been said about this hole in wall Korean restaurant. My favorite list of affordable but delicious food will not be complete without a blog post dedicated to owl of Minerva. My fingers and toes are not enough to count the number of times we've been here and every time feels like the first!

No matter what the season is, you will be served with a steaming Korean rice tea that goes well with any meal. More often than not, you will see KamJa Tang (pork bone soup) in every table (including ours, since this is the reason why my hubby loves this place). Big bones are boiled for several hours in a special hearty soup with potatoes, cabbage,onions, ginger, shiitake mushrooms, red chilli pepper and soy bean paste until the meat is falling from the bones.  KamJa Tang comes with boiled white rice and a variety of kimchi.

Their Bibimbap is served in hot dolsot (stone pot) is also a favorite - you have a choice of just plain veggies or with ground meat. Service is always fast and friendly!

Come hungry as the food truly satisfies. However, prepare to wait specially in the winter - the place is always busy with KamJa Tang seekers!

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