Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Project Life | Weeks Eight to Ten

Here are the pages of my Project Life weeks 8 to 10!

Week 8 : Left Side

Week 8 : Right Side

Some tips for page inserts and journals:

1. Cut print ads  of special events to embellish your page
2. Write messages even on the most usual "canvass" {like what I did on the flour when I was making pancakes} 
3. Keep those gift cards .... a lot of them have great designs and messages you can use as inserts.

Week 9

Week 9 : Left Side

Week 9 : Right Side

Week 10

Week 10 : Left Side

Week 10 : Right Side

To embellish some inserts, I used washi tape as banners and also kept this square coaster from a recent visit at Kelseys Bar and Grill. There's a lot of free things you can get in so many places that can be used to enhance this project. I am loving this!

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