Tuesday, April 1, 2014

@ Home, Lately {Budget-Friendly Spring Decorations}

It really felt like spring yesterday! With the sunlight peeping through the glass door at the breakfast nook, I was inspired  to embellish our little breakfast buffet table.  Nothing fancy, just the little things that make me happy ... a little reminder ... that no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

It didn't cost me much to put these things together. Look around your house and take advantage of what you already have. For more tips on how to put up a spring decorations without breaking your piggy bank, scroll down ....

  •  Make your own bird's nest from twigs from your backyard, that is if you can't find a real bird's nest. Mine was courtesy of the sparrows that made our backyard their home last spring. As soon as Mr. and Mrs. sparrows and their 3 little chicklets left, I took care of the nest. I have collected 3 nest in the last 2 years - they are free {I guess its the birds' way of thanking me for the nice stay :-)} and add a nice touch to any spring or Easter decorations.  
  • Use colored glass serving plates you already have in your kitchen. I love using cake stand because they add height to something you want to be highlighted on the display.
  • Garage sales are excellent source of cute decorations for any season and you pay almost nothing. The glass lamp and the metal bike plant holder were already somebody's "trash" but now treasures in our home.
  • Always add plants in your spring decorations. Spring is not complete without them. Again, they need not to be expensive plants (unless you already have them). I got my Hyacith and Kalanchoe from Wall-mart for 2 bucks. The key for them to last is to re-plant them using better soil {thanks to my hubby for re-planting all my 'spring' babies}.
  • Last but definitely not the least, add fun or little surprises to your  decorations. Mine are the little chocolate eggs on the nest. I know how my husband loves these little goodies so it was the fist thing he noticed. Sure I have to replenish the eggs regularly because they will 'hatch' every time my husband is near. Who cares? that's part of the plan!

Spring to life! It is a new beginning! Thank God for spring!

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