Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bites and Nibbles @ Harp and Wylie's

Where we live, there is only one convenient store, one general store {where we can buy a limited selection of wine and beer, rent movies and mail our letters and packages}, and one pizza joint. With just a little over 300 total population, this is what we get. Fortunately, just 8 kilometres west from us is historic down town of Port Perry where there are nice restaurants, boutiques, bake shops and speciality stores. A few nights ago hubby and I had dinner in one of the restaurants in Port Perry called Harp and Wylie's.

It was a Friday night so the place was full (our dinner date was just a spur of the moment decision but I will definitely make a reservation next time around) but the gracious host managed to find a table for us in the bar area. The dinning area is much bigger and cozy ("next time we'll sit there", my hubby said). While we were browsing the menu, we were treated with warm and crusty pieces of bread (my kind of welcome treat!).

The crispy calamari which hubby and I shared with Canadian beer is delicious. It was served with grilled lemon to drizzle on the calamari. For dips, the calamari came with roasted tomato ragu and citrus aioli that truly compliment the squid.

The seafood appetizer made me clamouring for more seafood so I tried their Seafood Angelina pasta for my main course. A trio of P.E.I. mussels, scallops and shrimps tossed in angel hair pasta with roasted grape tomatoes and white wine cream sauce. I enjoyed it but it wouldn't hurt to add more seafood pieces into the pasta. Jayvee likewise was pleased with his choice of grilled baby back ribs. The meat was tender surrendering to the tasty BBQ sauce.

We plan to visit  the other restaurants in Port Perry before going back to Harp and Wylie's. However, the call of their crab cakes and the "hoof and sow" burger {stack of burger patties with braised pork belly and spicy pineapple salsa} is too loud to ignore so we might take a short cut and come back sooner than later.

150 Water Street
Port Perry, Ontario

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