Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tablescape | Spring and Easter Inspired

I needed something therapeutic last night to take my mind away from the demands of my day job so I decided to work on our early spring tablescape. I always knew what I wanted in terms of color combination because of this photo I took last summer in our front yard. The robin eggs were so vividly attractive nestled inside the brown color of the nest. The green and yellow foliage provided the balance between the robin blue and dark brown. 

So gathering what I have been collecting since I took this photo, here's what I've come up with ....

Keeping close to my personal decoration mantra : bring the outside {nature} in - the birds {borrowed from our parlour}, rabbit {new from Homesense}, the nest {from the backyard, sprayed with white paint} and the eggs {from my "girls"} became the centerpiece. The plates that take the color of the eggs from my photo are from Target. I have been eyeing them for a long time but I find it too expensive so I waited until the store's closing sale. The upside: I got them 20% off; the downside: I have to go to 3 different Target stores to complete my set! 

For added rustic effect, I put the mason jars inside the wire baskets that I use to collect eggs from the coop. Yellow tulips are the only flowers I have in the house last night but I can easily change this to other spring flowers and colors like daffodils, hyacinth  or Easter lilies. The table napkins are from Pier 1 which I got after the Thanksgiving sale last year - from 6 bucks to a dollar fifty each! {cost effective buying tip : prices are great when stores are clearing for the next season so grab something you like from previous season}. I like how the fall colors of the table cloth napkins complement the various various elements of the the tablescape.

To pay homage to our home called Birdsong, I added a couple of ceramic birds salt and pepper shakers. Tea light candles complete the arrangement.

Now I am truly in the mood to come up with an equally inviting Easter Sunday lunch!

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  1. So very pretty! I love the blue. Thank you for sharing your spring table setting at THT!


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