Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DIY Project : Birdsong Spring Wreath

It was a busy weekend for me and my hubby {cleaning and preparing the chicken coop for new chickens} but I finally managed to "conjure" a simple spring wreath that I've been planning in my head for sometime now. Before I decided to make my own, I was drooling at beautiful spring wreaths we saw at HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby the last last time we were in the US but I can't justify paying more than 50 dollars for something that I can probably assemble.


The bare twig wreath was stored in the attic since we moved {I finally found a use for it!}. Embellishments such as burlap and clip on birds were borrowed from our last year's Christmas tree decorations. Hubby got the empty nest from the Japanese maple tree in our front yard that he trimmed last weekend. The only thing I bought is the artificial flowers and greeneries {currently buy one get one free} at Michael's.

Easy Peasy How to:

1. The floral stems came in bunches. Clip them apart using wire cutter.

2. Insert stems on both sides on the wreath creating a bunch of flowers and greeneries on both side. Make sure there is 4 inches between the two bunches to place the ribbon

Note: I tried to get Muning {our kitty} out of my working table several times but she insisted on watching me while I work like she always does so I just let her be!

3. Make a bow out of burlap ribbon.
4. Using a glue gun, attached the bow on the wreath {in between the bunches of flowers and greeneries}.

5. Using a glue gun, embellish the middle of the bow with bird's nest and faux egg.
6. Clip on the artificial bird.

And voila! For less than 15 bucks, here's my spring wreath perfect for our home called Birdsong!

We are so ready for spring! Aren't we all?

Postscript: I guess I am not that entertaining when I work because my audience fell asleep!

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