Monday, March 9, 2015

Country Living | |The Joys of Spring Forward Weekend

This weekend, we "lost" an hour to Spring Forward. Although I know we are going to get that hour back in the fall, I still feel that I was robbed. But hey, instead of  focusing on what could I have done during the lost hour, there were plenty to smile about this weekend.


There is that JOY of driving to church for our first Friday devotion under this beautiful sky at sunset. Nothing beats God's work of art!


There is that  JOY of seeing the temperature on the plus side {it's been a long time, baby!} telling us that spring is just around the corner. Never mind the the two feet of snow in our backyard!

There is that JOY of watching our "girls" getting excited over new straws and pine shavings in their roosting boxes. There is nothing more exciting than the JOY of counting their eggs for the day!

There is that JOY of hearing Katniss' and Peeta's quacking as if asking us when are they going to take a long nice bath in their pond. Oh yes, they too are tired of the snow! I know spring is coming soon because the small birds are happily chirping every morning while feasting on this bird feeder.

There is that JOY of watching Muning {our princess cat} patiently waiting on the window sill while we are working outside. Double that JOY when she finally expresses her happiness {by jumping on our shoulders and embracing us} of being with us again after just a couple of hours of separation! Priceless!


There is that JOY of  tasting the first run of the maple syrup at our local maple farm's Sugar Shack {Cabane a Sucre, as we call in Montreal}. Another nature's sign that spring is on its way is when sugar maple farmers start tapping the trees for its sweet sap. Spring's sweet revenge is seeing the maple trees wake from their sleep. Cold nights and warm sunny days cause the sap to run. The harvest season can run anywhere from 10 days to a month, until the trees start to bud. 

There is that JOY of feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces while the wind is still blowing air at below zero temperature making our lips blue! Ah. soon. spring. will. come! 

As another beautiful sunset signals the end of this year's Spring Forward weekend, there is so much JOY to be relished. I lost an hour but gained countless memories that I will recall when I get that hour back in the fall.....


  1. That last photo is breath taking!

    1. Thanks Lori! There is something about sunset that stirs the soul.....


Thank you for your sweet words.

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