Friday, December 11, 2015

DIY | Pine Cone Christmas Table Napkin Rings

There is nothing more rewarding than making something beautiful out of the generosity of mother nature! The other day, I  was finishing my Christmas woodland tablescape when an idea bulb flashed in my head. Armed with my small pruning shear, I went to the backyard {my favorite source of materials in most of my projects} and gathered vines, pine tree leaves and cones. After 25 minutes, here's what I have came up with : 6 woodland-inspired  table napkin rings without spending a single cent.


Here's what you need to do

1. Cut about 12 inches of pliable vine/tree branch. Using a paper towel tube as guide or mold, make a ring out of the vine/tree branch.

2. Join both ends of the vine with a glue gun. The ring should be sturdy to hold a cloth table napkin.

3. Take pine tree leaves and pine cones {still attached to the branch} and tie them with jute twine {or other available twine you have on hand}

4. Squeeze a generous amount of hot glue on the ring you made earlier and attached the ribboned pine leaves and cones.

5. Press the ring and the attached leaves and cones together and allow to cool.

Now you have a beautiful Christmas table napkin rings courtesy of Mother Nature!

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