Wednesday, April 22, 2009

13 Years Ago .....I do.

"And if life should come to just one question
Do I hold each moment true?
No trace of sadness, always with gladness
I DO."

Thirteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle in the same church where my parents got married 30 years prior. The walk down the aisle was one moment I will forever treasure in my heart. My sister and best friend Jane who was my Matron of Honor was just a few steps in front of me, on my sides were my mom and dad who I love dearly and in front of the altar was the only man I ever love waiting and looking at me as if I'm the only thing that matters.

"Facing you who brings me new tomorrows
I thank God for yesterdays
How they led me to this very hour
How they led me to this place."

Thirteen years after, all things considered, I'm still in love! Only this time, the love is deeper and stronger than ever. Thank you dear for completing me. You said last night "we're getting old". Who cares? The only thing that matters now is you and me ... together!!!

"Now a song that speaks of now and ever
Beckons me to to something new
Unexpected, unexplored, unseen

Filled with promise coming through."

1 comment:

  1. happy anniversary, mei ann! wow, 13years, that's a long time :)

    here's to continued pure bliss!



Thank you for your sweet words.

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