Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nail It!

Every time I'm in Manila, I look forward to going to the beauty salon with my mom and sister Jing to have our nails done!!!! Honestly, it is one of our family traditions. Even my Papa would ask ... "O, kailan kayo magpapakulay ng mga kuko nyo? {When are you going to have your nails done?)". And the experience is always the same ... comparing nail colors, talking about our dad {you always talk about somebody who's not there, right? don't worry Papa, they are all good, most of the time!}, and who's who in Philippine showbiz {actually, I'm the one giving them update because I spend more time watching Pinoy stuff from the internet in Canada than my mom and my sister do in Manila). Oh, those are priceless memories ....

Talking about nails, I found this gorgeous spring/summer nail color collection from ZOYA.

Cute huh? After hiding my feet and hands in boots and gloves for the last six months, I am so looking forward to have these on my nails! I can almost hear my Mama saying ... "I'll take the fuchsia". No doubt, my sister will pick the blush pink and I will definitely go for the blue!

Finally, let me share another card from my OWN collection .... My friend bought this for her sister's birthday and she's enclosing a manicure/pedicure gift certificate in it.


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  1. Love those colors Mei Ann! I would pick the blush pink too :-) Enjoy your trip, there is no place like home :-)


Thank you for your sweet words.

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