Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Memories of New Orleans

Today is Mardi Gras {Fat Tuesday} and it's party time in the Big Easy! I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans a year before Huricane Katrina. It was one of those rare trips where I traveled alone. I spent 3 days discovering the beauty and serenity of the Garden district, the non-stop party ambiance along Rue Bourbon in the French Quarter, the century old houses in the plantation area, the wilderness of the Bayou swamp and oh, the out of this world voodoo shops!

Who can forget the the spicy crawfish gumbo in between glasses of "Hurricane" {a red rum mixture} at Pat O'Brian's, the beignet and hickory coffee at Cafe du Monde and the Turtle Soup I had at Arnaud's.

One can never get enough of New Orleans ... "I'm going back someday come what may to Blue Bayou"! While I'm saving nickels and dimes, I'll settle on this collage I made out of mementos from my the previous trip.

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