Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Life

Blessed! That's what I am!

I was in serious car accident last Thursday morning. I can't remember much of it except for the fact that the "jaws of life" were used to free me from my car wherein I was trapped for more than 20 minutes. Suspecting head injuries, I was airlifted to the trauma unit of a downtown hospital in Toronto where I spent 2 days for tests and further observation. Morphine injections eased the pain on my neck, shoulders and back.

Today, 5 days after, I can sit upright with support on my neck and back. I am still in pain but nothing compares to the gratefulness and happiness that fill my heart. I am so BLESSED to be ALIVE and tell the tale!

The day I received the gift of a NEW LIFE. Blessed be the name of my Lord for I am truly blessed, loved, treasured, protected, grateful and happy!

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