Monday, May 21, 2012

Bites and Nibbles @ Gourmet Malaysia

Location : 4466 Sheppard Ave. East Scarborough, Ontario
Cuisine : Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean


We used to frequent this place when it was still Rex Saigon Cuisine and we were quite disappointed when it closed about a year ago. Gourmet Malaysia took over, yes definitely not Vietnamese but a treat nonetheless.

Hubby and I tried the Roti Cannai as appetizer : 3 pieces of hot-crispy on the outside-flaky and soft inside phrata served with chicken curry {they have beef curry too}with anchovies. This dish alone made our trip here worthwhile!



For main course we sampled the beef  with satay sauce and Hainanese chicken on rice. Both were equally tasty and satisfying. 

I can see a return trip in the future as there are more dishes to try. I didn't even had the chance to try any of their  dessert!

Selamat menjamu selera!

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