Sunday, May 27, 2012

Where in the Word : {Golden Gate Bridge} San Fransisco

As I write this blog post, celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge are underway in various  areas surrounding the bridge including fireworks display {visible along the waterfront from Fort Point to east Marina Green}.

The first time we saw the bridge was 12 years ago when hubby and I spent the whole month of  December visiting my parents and sisters-in-law in San Fransisco and Los Angeles prior to migrating permanently in Canada. Confession time: the first time I saw the bridge, I was a bit disappointed because was NOT golden! The disappointment didn't last long though. As soon as the fog dissipated and revealed the fullness of this engineering wonder, I was completely amazed and in awe. Since then we crossed Golden Gate bridge several times {the latest was June of last year when these pictures were taken}, and every time was like the first! 

Some interesting facts about Golden Gate Bridge:
  • Construction started in January 3, which lasted for four years {1937)
  • It is estimated that between the day it opened in 1937 and early last year 1,929,869,448 vehicles crossed the 1.7 mile long bridge
  • The fabricated steel was manufactured in the US states of New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania and shipped through the Panama Canal to San Francisco

Our favorite spot to admire the Golden Gate Bridge is from the  Marina Green Park.

This place for me is where nature meets human celebrated ingenuity. A perfect combination!

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