Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bites and Nibbles @ Antico Ristorante Pagnanelli

Location : Via A. Gramsci, 4 Castel Gondolfo {Roma}, Italy
Famous for : Traditional and Innovative Italian Cuisine

Just a few steps from the Pope's summer residence in Castel Gondolfo is this 19th century building with romantic garden and terrace overlooking the magnificent Lake Albano. Although we were tempted to have our lunch in the main room of the restaurant adorned in wooden chestnut ceilings and terracotta floors, the the call of the garden and terrace was too beautiful to ignore.

The selection of appetizers was already a meal in itself : Grilled vegetables, lard with pistachios, Caprino soft cheese and Buffalo Mozzarella, garden salad, quail eggs, boar sausages, smoked pork loin with raisins and pine nuts. So many flavors on one plate, all good and satisfying!

The simpleness and the depth of flavor of this dish - Fettuccine with smoked Provola cheese, eggplant and cherry tomatoes is not to be forgotten.

Straight from Pagnanelli's cellar {the selection of wines is unbelievable - we had wine tasting at the cellar before lunch} is this refreshing, velvety, full-bodied white wine - a perfect match to our sumptuous lunch.

A glass of wine, if  i'm having one with lunch is good enough for me. But with an AWESOME view like this from our table in the garden, delicious food and and my hubby {as my date} you can't fault me if I had 3 glasses!

If you have plans of traveling to Rome, be sure to include a lunch or dinner here at Pagnanelli. Simply wonderful! 

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