Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where in the World : Pisa, Italia

Undoubtedly, there were so much to do and see in Florence. But if you need a short break, take a half day trip to Pisa like we did. The train ride was just an hour and we were treated by the novelty of THE leaning tower!

The "Torre Pendente di Pisa", {as the Italians call it} was constructed as a bell tower in 1173 and mind you, it actually stood upright for 5 years. It started leaning in 1178 and the culprit? The tower's foundation was only 3 meters deep on a layer of soft alluvial silt and thick layer of even softer marine clay. Who would have thought that one of the biggest mistakes of architecture will become one of the famous icons in the world?

The Duomo di Pisa is the largest structure on Piazza dei Miracoli {Square of Miracles}, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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