Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Country Roads ... Take Me Home

Two Saturdays ago, hubby and I drove an hour and a half north-west from home sweet home to the charming village of St. Jacobs. The downtown area was bustling with activities from the Farmers' Market to the quaint shops along King Street - people are either shopping, eating or just simply enjoying a perfect spring afternoon.

In the middle of the excitement particularly from tourists happily inspecting their recent purchases and children chatting in line while waiting for ice ream, my eyes were drawn to the market where a couple of teenage girls in braids wearing bonnets  and  printed long dresses who were loading some goodies on a horse drawn carriage. For a while, a scene from Little House on the Prairie flashed back in my mind - a picture of simplicity in a world long gone.

That's when I told my hubby  I want to drive along the countryside of St. Jacobs for a glimpse of the Old Order Mennonites community ....

The more we see these lush  rolling hills punctuated by red or gray barn houses, the more we realize  that this is our ultimate dream - to. build. a. home. in. a. small. farm.

Where life is serene, simple and happy....

As we drove towards the direction of West Montrose, we saw "The Kissing Bridge", the last covered bridge in the province of Ontario. We parked the car on a nearby lot and crossed the bridge by foot, hand in hand.

On the opposite end of the bridge, this was the sight that greeted us! 

We went home that Saturday afternoon with a happy sigh.. The last glimpse of the country road was full of anticipation. Someday, by God's grace, we will call the countryside {wherever it may be} OUR HOME


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  1. I love going to St. Jacob's and quite often hubby & I drive along the country roads. There is a very good restaurant in Elmira called the Crossroads where we usually stop for lunch. A lot of their food is Mennonite. They don't serve liquour.

  2. Oh, this is beautiful. I can see why you'd dream of moving to the country. I really love that covered bridge!

  3. Truly breathtaking beautiful and inspiring.
    Visiting from Rural Blog Hop

  4. Fantastic photos! We took our first trip to an Amish community last year and said the same thing. We already live in the country but their communities seem so much more peaceful.

    1. These are lovely shots!
      When we retired we bought five acres. We don't farm but it's a peaceful living.

      Thanks for your visit. :)


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